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    Holly Tarot

    Hey Beautiful Soul,

    I'm Holly. I am an intuitive tarot reader & spiritual life coach, as seen on TV, reading for clients from all over the world every day.

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    My biggest passion is being able to offer emotional clarity, direction, motivation and guidance with the use of tarot, my intuition and other spiritual tools if needed. I read for clients from all over the world on a daily basis and feel blessed to be able to help so many people!

    Some examples of the questions I get asked every day relate to love dilemmas, self esteem issues, relationships, career, general life direction, overcoming fears & lack of motivation. I LOVE what I do and I believe my calling in life is to help people on their journey of self discovery.

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    Much love,

    Holly xox

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    Weekly Tarot Card Readings

    Free Weekly tarot card readings for my subscribers, offering general guidance and focus points for the upcoming week. If you would like a specific reading to you, please order a Tarot Reading with me.

    Tarot Card Meanings

    Free mini tarot card lessons explaining tarot card meanings and interpretations of the 78 tarot cards. The Major & Minor Arcana and the Tarot Court Cards.