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    Holly Tarot

    Hey Beautiful Soul,

    I'm Holly. I am an intuitive tarot reader & spiritual life coach, as seen on TV, reading for clients from all over the world every day. I share tarot, wisdom & personal growth daily on my Facebook fan page, Twitter and YouTube channel. My philosophy is that if we want something in life we have to take actionable steps towards making that magic happen! No-one else is going to wave a magic wand and do it for us.

    I'm all about tapping into that powerful tool that we all have as human beings, and using it to our fullest advantage to manifest the life we want. My biggest passion is being able to offer emotional clarity, direction, motivation and guidance with the use of tarot, my intuition and other spiritual tools if needed. I read for clients from all over the world on a daily basis.

    Some examples of the questions I get asked every day relate to love dilemmas, self esteem issues, relationships, career, general life direction, overcoming fears & lack of motivation. I LOVE what I do and I believe my calling in life is to help people on their journey of self discovery.

    Tarot is my best friend, my go-to charm, and has become a huge help in my own life. Tarot tells a story about our situation and provides both spiritual and strategic guidance to help us write the rest of that story, whilst making us aware of what isn’t so obvious and gives us clues as to what we can do to move forwards.

    I enjoy exploring the pros and cons of different choices and options you have in order for you to make the best decisions and take the best approach. I believe in the power of the here and now, and taking advantage of what we can do right now to improve our circumstances. My passion is to encourage self love so that you can value and respect yourself enough to step into your own personal power, kick some ass, take ownership and create the life you want with confidence!

    Read more about my approach to a reading...

    Much love,

    Holly xox

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